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Anas's AI Canvas Newsletter: Episode#2 (June 28 - July 2nd)

Excel & Google Sheet are now AI Powered!

Plus: US Efforts to Regulate AI and Google is talking to EU on AI regulations

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In Today's Episode:

  • 10+ stories in "AI Updates" including ERNIE 3.5: China's Knowledge-Model beating ChatGPT and projections of AI contributing up to $4.4 trillion annually to the global economy
  • 8+ stories in "AI Startups" including Runway, a startup building generative AI for content creators, raising $141M
  • 6+ stories in "AI for Nerds" including  Harnessing LLMs in Curricular Design: Using GPT-4 to Support Authoring of Learning Objectives
  • 5 News AI App we tried this week including Galelio LLM studio

and much more.

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AI Updates

AI Startups

AI for Nerds

Tech/AI Apps We Tried

  • We tried Galelio LLM studio to debug our LLMs 10x faster.
  • Unity launches a new AI tool for game developers.
  • Checkout Abacus AI, the world's first AI-assisted data science platform to build Applied AI systems and AI agents at scale. It does things like: 1. find issues in your data 2. clean the data 3. create features 4. train & deploy models 5. monitor models
  • docus.ai: Chat with an AI Health Assistant to get outstanding health responses. Connect for second opinions from top Doctors via video call or reports. Make informed health decisions.

3 Useful Prompts To Try Out

  • Develop mental models for complex concepts
  • Prompt: "Help me create mental models or analogies to better understand and remember key concepts in [topic or skill]."
  • Optimize learning through interleaving
  • Prompt: "Create a study plan that mixes different topics or skills within [subject area] to help me develop a more robust understanding and facilitate connections between them."
  • Use storytelling to enhance memory and comprehension
  • Prompt: "Transform key concepts or lessons from [topic or skill] into engaging stories or narratives to help me better remember and understand the material."


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