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Anas's AI Canvas Newsletter: Episode#3 (July 13-19th)

Meta outsourced Llama-2, available for commercial use!

Plus: Apple experimenting with Apple GPT!

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In Today's Episode:

  • 7+ stories in "AI Updates" including Elon's new adventure x.ai and Nvidia's $50M investment to use AI for drug discovery.
  • 5+ stories in "AI Startups" including Unstructured raising $25 for tools to prep enterprise data for LLMs and Spline raising $15M for creating AI based 3D assets.
  • 8+ stories in "AI for Nerds" including Meta's CM3leon and LLaVA
  • 3+ News AI App we tried this week including  NotebookLM and Stable Doodle from Stable AI.

and much more.

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AI Updates

AI Startups

AI for Nerds

Tech/AI Apps We Tried

3 Useful Prompts To Try Out

  • Leverage the Pareto principle for learning.
    Prompt: "Identify 20% of topics to learn [skill you want to learn] that will yield 80% of the desired results and provide a focused learning plan to master it."
  • Implement space repetition
  • Prompt: "Design a spaced repetition plan for me to effectively review [topic or skill] overtime, ensuring better retention and recall"
  • Develop mental model for complex topics
  • Prompt: "Help me create mental models or analogies to better understand and remember key concepts in [topics or skill]"

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